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The Evolution of Social Media


So 2014 is now well and truly upon us and I think I am right in saying our lives would be incomplete now without the social web. When you take a careful look around everyone seems to have their smartphone either glued to the palm of their hand or a tablet within grabbing distance. It appears we have all become obsessed or addicted to using our phones and we seem to get a strange kind of anxiety when we can’t find them.

What did we do before mobile devices? I remember trying to arrange to meet friends when I was a teenager and you never quite knew if they were going to turn up late or not but today it doesn’t matter as you can tweet, Whatsapp, text or even -heaven forbid – actually call them. This enables us all to have that constant always-on access to the internet and stay in touch by our social media channels.


Source: Prohibitionpr

The Prohibition Top Ten Social Media Game Changers

  1. 2000 – Friendsreunited – In my mind one of the first social networks that helped you actually find people you went to school or university with.
  2. 2003 – WordPress – One of the world’s most popular blogging platforms which helped shape the way bloggers like me use content.
  3. 2000 – Tripadvisor – This hotel listing site became so much more than a peer recommendation platform.
  4. 2006 – Spotify – was one of the world’s first music streaming service.
  5. 2002 – Linked-in – One of the world’s most popular business-to-business platforms.
  6. 2003 – Skype – Skype is now seen by many as more than simply an application, as it now helps businesses and consumers alike.
  7. 2004 – Facebook – We couldn’t have a list without it.
  8. 2005 – YouTube – This video sharing network has exploded since launching in 2005.
  9. 2006 – Twitter – Resorting to just 140 characters has proven revolutionary for Twitter.
  10. 2011 – Pinterest – The internet stores infinite content and many people don’t know where to begin surfing.